Brevis Demo FAQ

Omnichain Slot Value Proof

How can I get the storage slot key?

Each storage slot is a uint256 --> uint256 map. Please refer to the Solidity documentation for the detailed storage slot layout. For a particular smart contract, the storage layout can be found by using the storageLayout option in solc.

Largest Swap Proof (Uniswap)

What are the rules for claiming a BrevisUni NFT badge?

Any user who made at least one ETH/USDC swap in Uniswap on Ethereum since June 6, 2023 is eligible to claim a BrevisUni NFT badge.
In order to claim the NFT, an eligible user needs to attest the largest ETH/USDC Uniswap swap transaction since June 6, 2023, by generating a zk proof and submitting the proof on-chain. The NFT badge is tiered according to the attested swap size:
  • Stone: swap size <$100
  • Bronze: $100 <= swap size < $1,000
  • Silver: $1,000<= swap size < $10,000
  • Gold: $10,000 <= swap size < $100,000
  • Platinum: $100,000 <= swap size < $1,000,000
  • Diamond: swap size >= $1,000,000

Proof of Friendship

What kind of interactions can be attested?

Any on-chain direct interactions between 2 EOA addresses can be attested. The interaction needs to take place on Ethereum after June 6, 2023.
Interactions with contract addresses are not supported in the demo.